Achievements and Successes

Award from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia

We are recipients of the prestigious award from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia for the year 2023!

We are proud of this achievement and express our gratitude to all our colleagues and partners for their efforts and support.

Thank you to everyone who is a part of our successful story!



Entrepreneur of the Year 2023

We are delighted and proud to introduce Robert Medle as Entrepreneur of the Year 2023.

We thank everyone who has contributed to the success of our company. Together, we are building a strong economy that will reflect and serve the needs of entrepreneurs and craftsmen. We look forward to the future with pride, full of new opportunities and challenges that we will overcome together.

Factory of the Year 2023—Finalists

In the last three years, we have increased productivity in the company by around 30%, primarily due to intensive digitisation and investments in technological upgrades. This has allowed us to optimise manufacturing and business processes, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

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