Built-in systems

Built-in roller shutter is our own product. With its attractive design, which is patent protected, it is our most sophisticated product. Built-in roller shutters are suitable for installation in newly constructed or renovated buildings.

These types of shutter are characteristically mounted while the windows are being installed (later installation is not possible), so it is important to take this into account during the construction planning phase.

The box is completely invisible from the outside, covered by the facade, which means it does not affect the external appearance of the building. Due to additional insulation in the PVC box these shutters are also the most insulating of all shutters.

We offer two types of buit-in roller shutters: MRB and MRB +.

Both types can be ordered in different versions:
with aluminium slats filled with polyurethane foam or with PVC slats

  • with integrated roll-up insect screen or without it
  • manually operated (automatic), controlled via the crank handle, or electrically operated
  • in various colour combinations of slats, boxes, guide rails and skirting boards
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