Enter the imaginative world of a young boy dreaming of space. In the darkness, he seems surrounded by the infinite expanse of stars. His helmet resembles something from a sci-fi movie – filled with lights and colours. Crafted by his father from household materials, it makes the boy feel like a true astronaut.

In his hand, he holds his rocket—actually, a remote control for the roller shutter, transformed into a spacecraft with wings and jet propulsion. He soars through the room with it, mimicking the sounds of engines. When he raises his hand high above his head, a miracle occurs—the FALCON roller shutter rises, and sunlight streams through the window. Our cosmonaut takes flight into the vast cosmos. But something interrupts his play?!

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The cosmonaut’s room is filled with space props: a telescope, moon, rocket, planets… Every evening, he prepares for his adventure in starry pajamas. On his nightstand, there’s a special glass filled with solar energy collected during the day. It contains a substance that glows in the dark, creating a miniature galaxy. As evening falls, the boy takes the remote control and lowers the KRATER external blinds. They effectively darken the room, providing him with a complete space experience. The boy takes the glass and admires it as if its his own star. Then, he looks up at the ceiling and sees a magnificent sight: the entire ceiling is painted with phosphorescent colors, now shining like the real Milky Way. The boy is thrilled with his universe in the room. Thanks to our KRATER blinds, he can travel among the stars and fulfill his dreams every night.

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