Entrepreneur of the Year 2023 – Robert Medle

08. Apr 2024

On Thursday, November 30, 2023, the ceremony of the Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia took place at Brdo pri Kranju, where they awarded the prestigious titles of Craftsman of the Year and Entrepreneur of the Year 2023.

With pride, we present to you the Entrepreneur of the Year 2023 – Robert Medle.

We thank all those who have contributed to the success of our company. Together, we are building a strong economy that reflects and serves the needs of entrepreneurs and craftsmen. We look proudly towards the future, full of new opportunities and challenges that we will overcome together.

Congratulations also to all other recipients of the Craftsman of the Year 2023 awards and master diplomas.

Long live the entrepreneurial spirit that connects and inspires us for even greater achievements in the future!

Robert Medle of Roletarstvo Medle, d.o.o., from Novo mesto, has been named Entrepreneur of the Year 2023 by

Upon receiving the award, the current entrepreneur stated that they had made significant strides in digitization over the past three years, which likely played a decisive role in the selection by the expert committee for Entrepreneur of the Year. “My parents were my mentors and role models. At the age of 34, I became a director and had 70 employees under me. Then the crisis came, and we had to lay off people, but my parents always stood by my side,” Medle responded to a question from the audience about whether he ever had role models.

The foundation of the company led by Robert Medle was laid by his father with the opening of a craft workshop in 1976. Over the years, they specialized in the production of blinds, shutters, windows, and insect screens, which they sell in domestic and numerous foreign markets. The company continuously monitors innovations in the field of shading and building fixtures and incorporates them into their production program. They develop their own products, prioritizing them over the competition. They invest in research and development of new technological equipment, including technological improvements in production processes, process digitalization, improvements to existing products, and the development of new ones. They regularly maintain and invest in the modernization of hardware, software, and other equipment, striving to increase efficiency by reducing costs, updating processes, increasing productivity, eliminating complaints, and motivating employees. The company employs 180 people, providing them with professional training and a healthy and organized working environment. Through innovative solutions, they strive for sustainability and reducing negative impacts on the environment. They have four solar power plants, use energy-efficient technological equipment, and their products can be completely recycled at the end of their life cycle, supplied to customers with returnable packaging. They also produce minimal waste during production, as they sort and sell raw materials as recyclables.

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