Factory of the Year 2023 – Finalists

29. Mar 2024

26th October 2023

In the company, over the past three years, we have increased productivity by around 30%, mainly due to intensive digitization and investment in technological upgrades. This has enabled us to optimize production and business processes, increasing operational efficiency.

The company’s productivity increased by a fifth last year, and over the three years, on average, by more than ten percent. Digitalization plays a key role in this, enabling productivity monitoring, analysis, and optimization of production processes. Electronic order records and a manufacturing information system provide control and adjustment of production according to needs. Production processes are automated, with data transmitted via networks and barcodes for better material utilization. Process traceability through QR codes on each final product allows quick access to all order, operation execution, and material usage data, aiding in resolving potential post-sales issues.

Digitalization has brought us advantages such as automatic material ordering, material reservations for workstations, the use of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), computer-controlled storage cabinets, automatic calculation of production times, and identification labels for components.

All of this prompted us to apply for the Factory of the Year 2023 award.

The Factory of the Year award in Slovenia promotes digitization and sustainable transformation of the industry. It raises awareness among companies about the necessity of digitization for their competitiveness and encourages greater use of digital technologies and solutions, thereby improving production efficiency. It also emphasizes energy efficiency and environmental responsibility, promoting the development of environmentally friendly practices and thus long-term competitive business models. Additionally, it facilitates the exchange of best practices among companies, encourages networking, and raises the reputation and standards in the Slovenian industrial sector, says Stanka Šarc Majdič, a member of the SID bank management board.

At the final event on October 18, 2023, in Mengeš, the finalists presented themselves to the expert commission for the last time, which questioned us. The commission praised the level of digitization and automation of all finalists. We narrowly missed the award, but we are very proud to have been among the top three finalists! Congratulations to all finalists and winners!

Photos: Jure Makovec, Finance

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