Installing internal blinds

16. Jan 2012

Venetian blinds are practical and are among the most affordable blinds. Another advantage is the wide colour palette you can choose from. Service personnel from Roletarstvo Medle showed how to install new blinds on your own.

Whether you decided to shade your apartment with interior blinds, or you are just tired of your old ones, the installation or replacement of the blinds can be made by yourself.

Robert Škrbec, an installation and service expert in Roletarstvo Medle, stressed that correct measurements is the most important factor when installing new blinds. Measure the width and height between the glazing bars, then deduct 3 mm from the measured width, and add 1 cm to the measured height. Forward the measurements to the manufacturer, and select the mechanism type and colour of the blinds.

Venetian blinds – final touch in a room

It is preferable that the colour of interior blinds matches the wall and the furniture colours, so because or our low prices you can choose to change the blinds more often as you would otherwise. Lifespan of internal blinds is from 10 to 20 years, depending on conditions in the area where they are mounted.

A video of installation of blinds can be viewed at this link:


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